SlimCleaner Plus provides an all-in-one solution for all of your PC maintenance needs.

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SlimCleaner Plus is our most advanced PC maintenance application ever. Combining Live Optimizations, Cleaner, Software Updates, and Cloud Ratings, SlimCleaner Plus can help turn your PC into a SUPER PC! Video Why use SlimCleaner Plus See how SlimCleaner Plus uses the Cloud to make your computer faster.


The Dashboard gives you an overview of your entire system in one place. Get a status update on the health and security of your PC, know about any potentially unwanted startups, software or browser addons, and check up on the state of your hard disks.


The industry’s fastest, most robust engine for analyzing and cleaning unneeded files that may slow down a PC. SlimCleaner Plus’s new cleaning engine is fast and powerful, analyzing entire computers in as little as one second.


Optimize your computer, increase boot speed and free wasted system resources by removing the software and services you don't need to run on your computer with this utility. Integrated with the SlimWare Cloud, you can get all the detailed information you need to make critical PC maintenance decisions in an instant.


With access to the SlimWare Utilities Cloud, this powerful software uninstaller presents you with the community feedback so you can easily identify what you don't need.


Receive the latest updates for Windows and all of your software. SlimCleaner Plus delivers the most current updates for Windows and hundreds of different applications directly from the cloud.


Control your web experience with the Browsers utility. Manage all of your plugins, addons and extensions, with Cloud integration, on your favorite internet browsers.

Disk Tools

Manage and optimize your hard disks with easy to use disk utilities that support storage media of all types. Identify the largest consumers of disk space and clean out what you don't need, manage sensitive data with our latest technology, and do it all using a visually intuitive interface.

Disk Analyzer

Get an accurate report of storage space usage for all of your hard disks. Disk Analyzer scans your drives and highlights the files and folders that are taking up the most space, helping you to identify that which you don't need, and eliminate it to free up storage space for use. This feature is particularly valuable for users with UltraBooks and solid state drives, which offer less storage space and make it more important to have a clean, optimized drive.

Disk Wiper

Offers an effective solution for permanently erasing sensitive data, reducing the risk that it may be recovered by deep scanning data recovery software. This tool allows you to wipe entire disks, or just the free space. Drive Wiper overwrites hard disk sectors that contain traces of unwanted, sensitive, or private data with random data, preventing recovery in the future. This practice secures the data from being discovered by making it unreadable.

Duplicate Finder

Provides users with a quick, automated way to find and eliminate duplicate files that can clutter your hard drive. The duplicate file finder wipes out extra copies of files at your direction -- including text files, videos, music files, etc. -- that can take up space. The feature includes settings to allow for different levels of analysis.


Allows users to optimize the layout of files on their disk drives to speed-up loading programs and opening documents. The intelligent defrag system works with traditional, solid state and flash drives by organizing files into logically sequential sectors while minimizing wear on the drive.

Windows Tools

Conveniently access all of Windows' most powerful tools, used by power-users and IT pros, all in one place.




PCMag Best of the Year 2012 CNET Spectacular Rating

Free Performance Scan - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Special Price: 29.97 for 1 Year License

What makes SlimCleaner Plus a Better PC Cleaner?

One click scan

One-Click Scan

Know exactly what's slowing you down.

Analyze your entire system to identify the factors that may be negatively impacting performance and security. Then, fix those items, with just one click.

One click scan

SlimWare Cloud Access

Easily make critical decisions with community input.

Automatically receive the community's feedback with direct access to the SlimWare Cloud. Our community knowledge base is powered by millions of users, giving you the information you need to make critical decisions quickly, with ease.

Extended Battery

Power Saver Mode

power saver mode for longer batter life!

Economy Mode can optimize your computer for minimal power consumption, which may extend battery life for mobile devices. Customize your Economy Mode profile to get the extra battery life you want.


Free Performance Scan - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Special Price: $29.97 for 1 Year License


Better Speed

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode for Slow PC!

Turbo Mode turns off unnecessary services and settings, yielding a performance increase. Customize your Turbo Mode profile for maximum performance.


Free Performance Scan - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Special Price: $29.97 for 1 Year License



How SlimCloud Works


The SlimWare Cloud uses a technique called "authoritative ranking" to guarantee that the ratings we deliver to you are an accurate representation of the community's opinion. It works by weighing the ratings of each contributor against their previous levels of accuracy and against the ratings of other users.


Free Performance Scan - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Special Price: $29.97 for 1 Year License


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Designed for Windows 8, 7, Vista, 98, ME, XP & 2000

Our mission is to make things simpler. We provide software to slim down the bloat on your PC, organize and clean, update, repair and keep your computing experience easy and productive. Our mission statement is to provide software that solves the most common computer problems head-on with the cardinal points of Speed, Protection and Ease-of-Use.


Free Performance Scan - XP, Vista, 7, 8, Special Price: $29.97 for 1 Year License


How SlimCloud Works